Do you want to learn how to blog your way to premium success?

My name is Kel Armstrong Amobi and I am the CEO of 3ple T. Integrated Services.

You are probably on this page because of your interest in joining my masterclass. If that’s the case, please, patiently read carefully the terms and conditions below.

Does this sound like

  • You want to make some extra cash online
  • You want to go full time into blogging
  • Make money in hard currencies (Dollars, Pounds, etc)
  • Never had enough Yes from prospects to scale your business
  • Sick and tired of chasing friends and family
  • You are tired of spending money on things that does not work

Introducing the BLOG YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS bundle that will take you from constant NO to the HECK YES!

This Masterclass will HELP YOU

Firstly, you must understand that Blogging is not a make-money-quick scheme. Blogging is an online business that requires time, resources, and hard work.

It’s true that I indeed make tens of thousands of dollars every month as a blogger but it’s also true that I did not start yesterday.

So, I’m letting you know that blogging can make you super-rich but it will not happen overnight.

Of course, you are not going to suffer as much as someone who doesn’t have a good teacher. Your journey would be quite easier and less complicated because you are hiring a teacher who would help you to avoid the mistakes he had made during his own learning days.

What people are saying

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My name is Apostle Charles Enoseta, a pastor, businessman, father of four and a 400l student of Rivers State University.

I met boss Kel on Facebook. His name was mentioned by a dear friend in South Africa whom I have worked with within the same denomination before his relocation. Trusting in his integrity, I quickly searched his name on Facebook and follow him. Reading him was/is a delight because I love sound reasoning.

In one of his posts in July 2021 he narrated his encounter with one false prophet from his home state and sought to assist any of his blind followers for free by helping them to acquire blogging skills that will make them good money monthly. I knew little about blogging but had no clue of what Google AdSense is except that he had mentioned that we should read about it.

I did and the next day I was in his DM and wrote him an epistle. I told him all the challenges I had faced in business and the losses. His reply was prompt and by the third day, 3rd August 2021 I had sold my last car: A pilot Jeep and made my commitment that would later change the course of my finances forever.

Some of my friends who knew of my decision to pay someone I have never met in my life to teach me a digital skill online mocked me but I kept my cool because I was so convinced that I was dealing with ‘a miracle’ boss Kel, an angel sent from God. Two weeks later he called me and training started twice a week for two months. Knowledge was released and hope restored. I had my son by my side learning. While he used the laptop I used the phone and that puts us ahead of our colleagues whom we were learning together on zoom.

Boss Kel and his team are patient coaches because sometimes I will ask very nonsense questions, call him and his boy on the phone like mad but he will answer all the questions. He responds to the chart very promptly.

By November, a month after the training I had earned my first dollars from my blog and keep getting better each month putting all the strategies he taught to work. The money I spent in learning had long come back to me double. I’m not yet perfect but with him holding me by the hands, I’m pretty sure that one road does not lead to two destinations. So, the sky is our beginning point. Above all, I learned by observing him. His Facebook page is a university… Follow him. He’s the best coach for anyone wanting to learn the blogging skill could ever wish for. I have been to Youtube and had reached out to a few in trying to have an open mind in learning but no one beat boss Kel.

Long live boss Kel,

More dollars in your account

Charles Enoseta



  • How Much Do I Charge to Teach Blogging?

What I charge is one million Naira. I understand that it’s quite a huge amount of money and I’m sorry because it’s not negotiable. If I and my team are going to be teaching you something that can give you tens of millions of Naira in the future, it’s not out of place to charge one million naira.

  • How Long Does the Class Last?

This blogging masterclass lasts just for a month but of course, we will keep in touch should in case you need help. When you are in this class you are not just a student. You become family.

  • Through Which Medium Will the Class Hold?

All the classes are virtually conducted. We make very comprehensive personal brand videos of each topic for our students. This will help you to not miss anything in the class as you can always watch the videos whenever it is convenient for you. If you are in Abuja, we can also have a physical meeting.

  • Apart From the Fee What Other Thing Do I Need to Have?

You need a laptop. You need a website. Once you have these two things you are ready. With N50,000 you can get a good website and we can provide that for you if you want. We also host our students websites free of any charges for one year.

Once your website is ready, you will be taught how to apply for Google Adsense account approval. Getting approval from Google usually take up to a month and it’s free of charge.

If you are not comfortable with that, you can simply buy an already approved Google Adsense account from those who sell and we can provide you contacts of vendors.

  • What’s Google AdSense account?

Google AdSense is what enables you to become a publishing partner of Google and earn from their advertisers. You may have seen a screenshot of my AdSense account on Facebook. It’s attached below too.

  • How Long Will it Take Before You can Start Earning money as a Blogger?

You can start earning money as a blogger once you graduate from this class.

  • When Will The Class Start If I Make Payment Now?

One week. Within this one week your website would have been ready.

  • Can I make a part payment?

You can make part payment but your class will only start when you have paid the complete charge.

  • What and What will I learn in this class?

You will be taught everything about blogging from the beginning stage to the advanced level.

Is There a Guarantee?

Yes, there is!

I guarantee that if you participate, watch all the video lessons and show up daily to implement what you learn, and build a daily routine and stick to it, you will get a result-massive one!

Pretty simple.

This experience will change your finances and make you a rockstar and for some of you, it’ll change your life. Totally!

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