Money Is Not The Root of All Evil

When, for example, a Lamborghini has a crash with a Corolla…

The majority of Nigerians would say:

“I know it’s that Lambo guy that’s intimidating the Corolla guy. Rich people, that’s how they do. Very arrogant, reckless, and heartless. Always showing off.”

The Lambo guy would be quickly labeled arrogant, a bully, and condemned by everyone that cannot afford what he has, not because he’s at fault but because he’s rich.

A disheartening display of envy, bitterness, and hate for someone who has what you would love to have.

Pay attention!

Fact is…
It’s difficult to stand for something when you are financially broke.

In poverty, one can even be swayed with crumbs of food against their will.

It’s the same as difficult as a beautiful lady being faithful to a poor man.

Money is not the root of all evil — lack of it is.

There’s heaven in money and there’s hellfire in poverty and it’s your mindset towards those who have money that decides where you will fall.

The day you stop abusing and demonizing every rich person for no justifiable reason is the day you take the first step of curing yourself of the bitterness that holds you in penury.


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