The Birth Of KaaTruths Charity Foundation

Yesterday I started fulfilling one of my oldest desires. And it started right in my village, where for many years, I have had the mental picture of how I intend to better the lives of my suffering people.

There was a time that when I visit the village I would cry several times at the sight of poor women who would tie their babies across their backs, carry a donkey load of cassava on their heads, and walk kilometers barefoot under the scorching sun.

This they do almost daily just to survive.
So many women and kids and men still suffer worse in different places today.

I had the opportunity to touch the lives of some of them my little way yesterday.

We shared over three million naira and bags of rice across families and last night I slept feeling fulfilled while remembering the smiles, tears of joy, and jubilation on the faces of everyone I met.

The registration of KAA CHARITY FOUNDATION was recently completed and when this foundation is officially launched, many people would be sent to school, skill acquisition centers, houses will be built, small businesses would be established, medical treatments would be provided, and nothing will stop us from helping as many people in different ways as much as we can.

The smiles on the wrinkled face of my grandmother in the picture below when I visited her and gave her all the things I bought for her and of course, a bundle of cash, was priceless.

She has lived so long and making these old ones happy is the best way to enjoy your money. It brings the most real fulfilling feelings and satisfaction to your soul.

We pray that God gives us the strength and resources to do more in the coming days.


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