You Should Read This

“You Should
Read this.”

Some years back after I had traveled to several countries with some big pastors, I decided to stop.

I came back home and became a Keke driver. I had no paying skill at that time and everyone who knew me was shocked that I could descend so low to the level of a Keke driver.

Some jobless people mocked me. It was a big gossip topic amongst many but I held my head high and worked with pride and creativity.

I would wake up very early in the morning, thoroughly wash my Keke, take my bath, dress like a gentleman with a touch of fashion, wear some nice body perfume, and go to work banging not too loud mostly countryside songs.

I would work from 6 to 10 AM and come back home to clean up the tricycle and myself and rest until 2 PM when I go out again and come back by 6 PM.

Because of how neat I used to be, I don’t carry people with loads.

I had bankers, civil servants, students, and different other people that I pick and drop at different places every day at different times.

I usually make sure that I keep to time just like Stathan in the Transporter movie.

Most of these people pay me up to 50k monthly depending on my agreement with them.

So, I make at least 300k alone every month from my contracts with this set of people.

This does not include money that I make from the usual roadside pick and drop.

I was a big boy Keke driver.

Amongst every other Keke driver I knew at that time, I was the richest and I worked less.

When I got into blogging, it was with the same creativity and mindset.

This is why I can comfortably make tens of thousands of dollars as a blogger every month without sweating it.

I have always believed that there’s always a way to work less and earn more.

I’m telling you this morning that creativity is important in everything you do. Don’t just follow every broad path, see if you can forge a safe shortcut.

The Bible said “Whatever your hands finds to do, do it very well.”


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